It is for FREE

Our basic service is free! we also provide initial discounts to your customers as part of our onboarding of new venues

Increased table turnover

Totably will increase the speed in which your customers settle their bill, directly improving your table turnover rate

Increased customer satisfaction

We incentivize our users to give you feedback on their experience, allowing to improve you offering

Increased Tips

With a built in function for tips, customers will find it easier to tip when they don’t have cash in hand

Increased Efficiency

Your waiters will no longer need to waste their time and effort in settling bills, allowing them to service more customers

No Extra Effort needed

Totably communicates directly with your PoS and is linked to the table numbers; it does not require any extra effort from your staff

No walk outs

As long as the bill is claimed by a Totably user, we will guarantee that your money is received by the next transfer

Access New Data

Totably allows you to access new types of data that allows you to propel your business


Increase your revenue through our Premium Service Offerings

Customer Feedback

Link customer feedback with what was ordered and when, to help you in tackling your pain areas

Get access to customer habits

Know the demographics of your customer base, and segment your offerings to the different groups

Advertise through our platform

We are integrated with google maps and will show you as “close by” establishment

Get access to our statistics

Understand what are the current trends in the F&B industry