The App

Totably is a mobile application developed by Aderfia FZ LLC and Idea to Life to offer digital solutions for the food & beverages sector in the UAE. Totably allows its users to pay, split and share their bills at partner restaurants. Totably also allows its users to open tabs at bars with non-traditional seating arrangements, without the requirement of depositing credit or ID cards. As a result, our users enjoy the maximum flexibility and convenience when paying their bills.

Totably also benefits its partner restaurants by providing them with valuable insight on market trends in the food and beverages sector. Partner restaurants benefit from detailed reports on the performance of their restaurant and menu items. Totably also assists its partner restaurants in reducing running costs by increasing table turnover and improving waiter efficiency. All this with no upfront investment, no system or process changes, and with minimal training required!

The Idea

Totably was originally conceived during a casual discussion between two brothers, who are passionate about exploring and developing digital solutions in the Smartphone era. The vision for Totably is to streamline the payment process at restaurants and bars, and provide users a smarter and more convenient way to pay in all restaurants, bars, and venues.
Totably is the flagship product of Aderfia FZ LLC , a software development company based in Abu Dhabi – UAE.


Totably is committed to providing a safe and reliable service for its users and partner restaurants. For that reason, Totably is PCI compliant and has undergone numerous tests to ensure the safety and security of its services and data. Totably continues to be up to date on the latest safety practices in the mobile application industry.

Aderfia FZ LLC

Aderfia, was founded in the Twofour 54 Media Free zone, as a limited liability company to develop, manage, and operate innovative software solutions and mobile applications in our fast moving world of new technologies.
We fall within the realm of “FinTech” firms, and we hope to be part of the UAE’s efforts in becoming a base for new innovative solutions, working closely with various partners to streamline their services, and increasing their customer satisfaction.
We look forward to growing our company to house a bigger group of young, talented, and capable individuals that can truly innovate and reimagine our future, and continue to collaborate with as many partners as possible to ensure we benefit our end users in every possible way.